What is Fused Glass

Fusing glass is actually one of the oldest methods of working with glass, some historians say it goes back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. However, the first definitive evidence of glass fusing can be traced back to the Romans, who used this technique before the discovery of glass blowing.

Fused Glass, also called warm glass or kiln-formed glass, is a special kind of glass that must be fired in a kiln at temperatures from 1100 to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit to join separate pieces together. Different ranges of temperatures usually have different effects on glass, from melting and fusing them to completely allowing the glass to simply soften over a mold.

My designs come to me from my environment and dreams, as well as from what the glass tells me. Working in my studio, I create these designs by cutting and layering the glass to form textures, light and shapes. I then place each piece in my kiln. The most exciting thing about working with fused glass is co-creating with the glass. I have found that you can design and plan as best you can but the glass will also have ideas in the fusing process. This often creates wonderful surprises when I open my kiln at the end of each firing.